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Challenge: A monthly closing cycle of 18 days, manual allocations using excel spreadsheets, manual data loads, data discrepancies between source and target systems and a less than stellar reporting infrastructure were among the many problems faced by this Power Tools. As a company, this Power Tool Manufacturer made a great strategic decision in investing and choosing Hyperion as their business Intelligence and analytical tool, but had problems harnessing the power of their newly acquired suite of products. Management even contemplated reverting back to their old SAP implementation.
Enter Analysis Express, with their experienced and certified consultants and numerous years of working in the Hyperion domain. In record time, complex allocations were coded and tested, a dynamic reporting process with batch bursting capabilities was implemented, data loading and validation became a more automated process and data issues between source andthe target system were minimized. With all of the changes that were made to their Hyperion environment by the Analysis Express consultants, Senco was able to realize their dream of reducing their monthly close cycle to 3 days.